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Is this real postage?
Yes, PhotoStamps from are valid U.S. Postage, based on a technology called PC Postage, which is what creates the bar code you see to the right of the image area on PhotoStamps. Only vendors that are licensed and approved to produce PC Postage may display the logo seen below:

An approved licensed vendor - United States Postal Service® - PC Postage, the company behind PhotoStamps, has been a USPS-approved provider of PC postage since 1999, and is the industry leader. When the product first launched in 2004, PhotoStamps by was the first customized postage product ever to be offered in the United States. On May 11, 2006, was authorized by the USPS to print business logos, messages and images on PhotoStamps.

Over 45 million PhotoStamps sold!
After the successful market test during 2004 in which over 2.75 million PhotoStamps were sold in just 7½ weeks, PhotoStamps from returned in May 2005 under authorization of the US Postal Service. Since the return of PhotoStamps in May 2005, over 30 million PhotoStamps have been sold! In all, over 45 million letters, greeting cards, invitations and gifts have already been made more exciting by PhotoStamps!

Be careful of imitators
Always look for a USPS logo or look for the PhotoStamps® (single word) brand before you purchase any customized postage product anywhere on the Internet. When you see a logo like the one above or you see the PhotoStamps trademark, you can be assured that the U.S. Postal Service will accept your mail and process it without delay. Be careful because there are many imitations out there that are nothing more than photo stickers! PhotoStamps from is the original customized postage product and is always genuine U.S. Postage.

Business Week Best Products 2005 PhotoStampsIn The News

Here are some recent quotes from some of the hundreds of press articles that have appeared on PhotoStamps:

December 2005
BusinessWeek recognizes PhotoStamps as a "Best Product of 2005", distinguishing PhotoStamps as one of the year's most innovative and exciting new products.

The Oprah Magazine

July 2006
"Personalized stamps make any party invitation or letter so much more special"

The Bridal Book

July 2006
"We love the custom-designed postage from Surprise your guests with engagement or wedding shots sent on your invitations or thank-yous."

The Boston Globe

June 2006
"Growth in customized stamps is being driven by people like Bruce Peterson, a commercial photographer in Boston who used to turn some of his photos, including a favorite frog picture, into stamps. When submitting bills to clients, he's started including sheets of stamps as a way of saying thank you."

InStyle Weddings

March - June 2006
"A relatively new online service popular with many planners, will custom-print real U.S. postage stamps (in a variety of denominations) with your photograph or original artwork."


August 2005
"PhotoStamps lets you convert digital photos from your trip into official U.S. postage, which you can then use to mail out your postcards."


May 2005
"Rather than waste time at the post office or risk bad stamp options, head to where you can personalize your own stamps with a picture of your choice! Send surprise party invites with the guest of honor's goofy face on the front, or personalize your own for those 'Thank You!' moments!"

USA Today

Aug. 10, 2004
" today announced a service that allows people to design their own postage � from kids to cats to corporate logos � on their computers�.The process is simple: Log on to, upload an image, edit the design, place an order. The stamps arrive in four to seven business days."


May 2005
"Want real, customized U.S. Postage? Upload an image to and see what it would look like on a stamp."

International Herald Tribune

April 2005
"So, with visions of Christmas presents for my family in mind, I signed on and place my order at their site, The site design was a joy in its simplicity and ease of use. After I uploaded my snapshots, I could crop them, center them, enlarge them and add colorful borders, all online."

The Washington Post

January 15, 2006
"The Postal Service is in the midst of a second test of PhotoStamps, which let consumers put their own cute pictures on commemorative-size stamps they can order online. It was the brainchild of, which has long had a contract with the Post Office to sell postage online."

Modern Bride

December 2005/January 2006
"Stylize your stamps. Go to and purchase personalized postage to accessorize your invites."

Budget Living

December 2005
"The U.S. Postal Service has given its stamp of approval to for personalized postage. Join the ranks of presidents and pop stars: The site will turn your pictures into an official first-class stamp."

Woman's Day

November 2005
"Personalize your envelopes with customized postage stamps. Choose your colors and borders for a unique way to share your photo memories."

Real Simple

November 2005
"You could order the usual Madonnas or Santas in bulk at (much better than waiting in those post-office lines). Or you can add a unique touch to your holiday-card envelopes by creating your own stamps - using that great photo of the new puppy or the one of you as Tina Turner last Halloween - at"

The San Diego Union Tribune

June 2005
"Now anyone can join the ranks of George Washington, Dr. Seuss and Elvis and get their images on a U.S. postage stamp... the Postal Service and have teamed again..."

Scoop du Jour

May 2005
"But before you go totally postal on us for advocating handwritten letters, turn ASAP to PhotoStamps and make your memos picture perfect."

The New York Times

May 2005
"Put (Almost) Anything On A Stamp..."

New York Daily News

April 2005
"New moms, brides and narcissists rejoice! Personalized postage once again has been given the stamp of approval... The vanity campaign by was a big hit when it debuted, selling close to 3 million stamps."

The Arizona Republic

April 2005
" Inc. and the U.S. Postal Service again are offering people a chance to put their personal photos on postage stamps."

The Wall Street Journal

April 2005
"Your face on a stamp again? Custom photo postage is back� The PhotoStamps test indicates that, especially for invitations and announcements, 'the ability to personalize a message caused people to use mail where they might have used email.'"

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