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PhotoStamps of the Year Contest | 2008-2009 Candidates

Manu at a Birthday Party

We were in our friends daughter's birthday party and he was so much fun just running around . After a while he noticed this balloon arc. He loves to have fun and this young age he make sure people around him are involved too. He is such a sweetheart.

Renu R.
Worcester, MA.

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The Navigators

We moved from Texas to Virginia in August of 2008. This was my view of our dogs for most of the trip!

Erin C.
Fredericksburg, VA.

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Family Vacation

We were taking a sunrise drive around Lake Tahoe on our anniversary, stopped on the side of the road and witnessed a breath taking sunrise.�

Steven H.
Atwater, CA.

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Pen Pals

This photo was taken at Monument Valley Tribal Park on the Navajo Reservation on the Arizona-Utah border. The girls had been pen pals for approximately 4 years, one in suburban Toledo, Ohio, and one in Chinle, Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation. Last summer the blonde was able to visit Arizona and we travelled to meet the pen pal and spend a couple of days touring the reservation. I captured the perfect moment of happiness between the girls that encapsulated the entire visit, not the picture before it and not the picture after it -- this one!

Ron G.
Flagstaff, AZ.

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The Simple Things in Life

The photo is of our two children jumping off a sand ledge toward the ocean at sunset. We were on vacation at the time. I can still hear their laughter.

Judi C.
Fairfield, CT.

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Cody Snoozing

Amy was in the garden photographing the cat as a potential oil painting subject.� Cody was on the studio stair landing above poking his head through the 'steer head cutout' in the railing, watching.� He became bored and was taking a little snooze, when the photo was taken.

Wanda S.
Kealakekua, HI.

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The Kiss

This picture was taken at Dover Castle in England. My fiance was stationed in England for the USAF and I was there for a visit.� We took a day trip to Dover and took this picture in a brick tunnel on the grounds of the castle. Dave took this impromptu picture just by holding his arm out and snapping the picture while we had a quick kiss. Three years later we are getting married!� I wanted something unique for our stationary. Our guests have loved it!�

Colleen L.
Panama City Beach, FL.

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Hand in Hand

I snapped this shot while at the park with my kids. I was carrying our picnic lunch and looked up to see my son (who was almost 4 years old) take his 2 year old sister by the hand. They walked that way together, hand in hand, all the way to the picnic table.

Jennifer J.
San Jose, CA.

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Our Love

This stamp was created to put on our Thank You cards for all of our wedding guests. This was one of our favorite pictures and we feel it really shows the happiness we shared that day and every day we are together.

Sarah M.
Littleton, CO.

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Puppy Love

This is a photo of our son Noah, 3 weeks old, and our dog Bailey, 4 years old.

Abigail S.
Waterford, WI

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Mom & the Lions

Dad always wanted to go on a safari. Mom would convince him to travel elsewhere. Finally, when my sister and I said we would take our dad, she agreed to come along. We signed up for a lion walk and got to learn about and interact with these gorgeous animals. And normally timid Mom got into the act and I got the pictures to prove it!

Lynne K.
Rising Sun, MD.

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Boats on the Bayou

Striking black-and-white contrasts in my late father's 1959 image of boats on South Louisiana Bayou.

Tom M.
New York, NY.

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Dixie Dynamite

This is Dixie, our 3 year old Jack Russell.� We used this stamp for our son's first birthday party invitation.� It's one of our favorite pictures of her.� She looks like she's smiling

Sarah J.
Sarasota, FL.

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Miss Avery

The stamp photo is a picture of my daughter Avery on the day of her high school graduation. Since November, 2007 my daughter and I have been homeless even thou I have a full time job my earnings fall below the cost of living and it force us to give up our home and live out of a motel room to keep the attendance address for school. We lost all our possessions due to a fire and theif, life was not offering us much to celebrate. My daughter decided to attend a local community college instead of going away to a four year college like many of her friends just to save money, she did not want a graduation ring because she knew I could not afford it. June 12, 2009 was her graduation day and she was so happy and feeling so grown-up. I was and still am very proud of her and I hope one day I can make-up for not having the money to really celebrate like we wanted to. Avery attends Diablo Valley College it is her hopes one day to become a doctor.

Althea G.
Alameda, CA

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Father's Day.

This is a photo taken at Fenway park on Father's Day 2009. My son and I are standing up for the Star Spangled Banner. My father, my son's grandfather took the picture. The 3 of us went to my sons first Red Sox Game together. My Dad came from Florida, where he has retired, to be at my son Jameson's first Red Sox game. It rained but we stayed to watch the Sox win with a walk off run at the end of the game.

Jonathan L. B.
Northampton, MA.

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An Afternoon KISS

I was staying at a home in Nairobi, Africa that saves giraffes and has them on the property as pets. I opened up the front door to go out and "Arline" came in to give me a kiss hello.

Tracey G.
Beverly Hills, CA.

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The cat's name is chili. She came to us ,an abandoned kitten, 13 years ago. On a sunny day she was napping among some pruned palm fronds in the position you see in the picture. I retrieved my camera, prepared the shot and called her name. She opened her eyes just long enough for me to capture the picture. Unimpressed, she immediately retreated to a shady area and resumed her nap.

Gary M. C.
Fort Stockton, TX.

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Natural Wonder

The boys (twins) were outside in the backyard intent on watching that baby bunny. It was a random Kodak moment and my husband captured it beautifully.

Denise M.
Durand, MI.

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Hope Amid Ruin

This is a picture of my son, Sgt. David A. Mascitti (USMC) with his little Iraqi friend.� This child wanted only to be with David; no candy or gifts were requested. He always wore Iraqi dress; most other children did not.� David was walking point in Yusufiyah when the photo was taken.

Valerie M.
Elm Grove, WI.

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Lion in the Pumpkins

The photograph taken was for our son's first Halloween in a pile of pumpkins that were for sale at his Aunt's roadside fruit stand. He was dressed as a cuddly lion and with the colors of his golden costume against the vibrant autumn colors of the pumpkins, we captured a remarkable and memorable image.

Eric B.
Belle Chasse, LA.

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Sasha is my 1 year old that shares her birthday with her 2 year old sister. We were outside playing in the playhouse when Sasha decided to climb on the playhouse and peek in to see her sister Elizabeth.

Cassie V.
Nyack, NY.

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Puddle Jumper

The picture is of my son. He's 3 1/2 years old in the photo and he kept saying, "Look at me mom! Do I look like a frog?" The answer the pleased him most was, "Yes! You look like a frog enjoying the rain! Do you want me to take your picture?" It gave us so many laughs we made it into a stamp from a kit his grandpa gave us.

Melissa R.
Evanston, IL.

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Memory Lane

A very special friend lived in Nashville, TN in the mid seventies, moved to Florida and recently moved back to TN (Lenoir City) because he missed the people and the beautiful hills and relaxed lifestyle. He loves photography and shared this haunting picture with me. I made them into PhotoStamps for his birthday.

Tyann Sue C.
Nashville, TN.

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Peyto Lake

14 mile long glacier fed lake in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Glacial rock flour filters into the water during summer and the suspended rock particles give the water the blue color.

Jeanette B.
Council Bluffs, IA.

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Tetons in Winter

We stopped in late morning at the Jenny Lake Visitor Center in Jackson Hole Wyoming and this image caught my eye. I thought - wow, that is the Tetons in Winter. I love the snow, the clouds and the pristine beauty of these mountains.

Richard� F.
Pittsboro, NC.

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Alaska Mountain View

Kenai Fjords is the location of the image. The cliff sits on Resurrection Bay. I like the depth of field allowed by the low clouds in two layers.

Curtis W. B.
Great Falls, MT.

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Silent Dance

This picture was taken in the Red Sea. It is just awesome to be in the silent world and dance with the turtles.

Monika R.
Birmingham, AL.

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This picture was taken of my beagle Maggie when she was sitting at our kitchen table.

Margaret E.
Birmingham, AL.

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It's A Boy

My daughter found out from her sonogram that she was having a boy and this was how she decided to tell everyone.

Carolyn D.
Shreveport, LA.

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No Poop!

Mom and I love to beach comb in Bethany Beach, Delaware. One chilly evening in winter, we had been holding crackers up in the air for gulls to swoop down and snatch from our hands. An impulse to feed a saltine to the seagulls from my mother's head created this split-second glimpse. I used the image on her 80th birthday invitation and recently gave Mom these PhotoStamps as a little surprise!

Jennifer C.
Bethesda, MD.

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Sunset on an Arkansas Lake

This photo was taken July 09 on Lake Ouachita, near Mt. Ida, Ar. Best time on the lake is sunset. Lake Ouachita has the best sunsets EVER.

Donna S.
Greenwood, AR.

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Field of Honor

The display of flags was made possible by the Eastern Shore Exchange Club to honor those who have served in the Arrmed forces, law enforcement or firefighting. The Field of Honor and Healing is a national volunteer project. I took the photo of the display which was located at the USS Alabama Battleship Park. The flag display was beautiful and it was a great way to honor those who serve and have served.

Lucy S.
Fairhope, AL.

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A Soldier and His Wife

This photo was taken in the spring of 2008 as part of a "photo session" of our family. His National Guard unit was preparing to deploy to Iraq July 2008. This was my favorite photo snapped and I had it put on a stamp for mail to him.

Sarah B.
Mishawaka, IN.

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Peoria Sunrise

The Murray Baker bridge in Peoria often provides a colorful start to my day. This is an unexpected, but beautiful attribute of our amazing city.

Julie H.
Peoria, IL.

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Fishing from EOS

Often we fly around some of the smaller lakes by Lake Tahoe, and sometimes fish on the early mornings.� This is one of those wonderful flights.

Larry E.
San Jose, CA.

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Baghdad Baby Laughs

The picture of my son was taken during Operation Iraqi Freedom. My son was on point security with other soldiers at Forward Operating Base Honor. A young boy around 9 years old was pushing a stroller down the sidewalk towards my son. My son approached the boy and noticed he had a baby in the stroller who was crying. He asked if he could pick the baby up and tried to make him laugh. My son gave the baby back to his brother and he said thank you and left. He said it made him feel good to know that there was a whole new generation of innocent Iraqis that would someday benefit from the things he and his friends had done there, even if just to make them laugh.

Michael C. C.
Saylorsburg, PA.

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